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Window Cleaning Services - Residential and Commercial

Got dirty windows? Relax, many people do. But, cleaning your own windows is a big job, and it can be tedious and frustrating, not to mention time consuming and dangerous. That's why it makes good sense to use the professionals at Dream House Cleaning Services.

With years of experience, we've got window cleaning services down to a science, and we know you will like the results. At least that's what we hear from our satisfied customers.

Get a fresh new look at your surroundings through clean and clear windows. Let Dream House Cleaning Services implement a window cleaning proposal for your home. Remove filth and grime from windows and see the positive difference our professional window cleaning service can make in your living and working environment.

Residential Window Cleaning Services

Exterior and interior window cleaning

Sills and tracks cleaning

Storms and screens

Wardrobe and mirrors

Interior and exterior lighting fixtures


Patio glass, porches and gazebos

Move out/move in window cleaning


Commercial Window Cleaning Services

Low rise window cleaning

Restaurants, Car Dealerships, Grocery Stores, Insurance Offices, Clothing Stores, Jewelry Stores, Convenient Stores, Banks, Pharmacies, Beauty Shops, Florists, and more

Office buildings and office parks

Medical and dental offices


Post construction window cleaning

We clean all types of windows including slides, tilts or fixed position windows, standard windows, storefront glass, partitions, hard to reach windows. We clean them all!

We also have the ability to remove hard water, sediment, lime, or calcium stains and deposits. All our chemicals are environmentally safe and will not harm any surrounding plants.


The thing to remember when deciding whether to do your own window cleaning or pay a professional window cleaning company to do it is that you always have to spend something on keeping your house clean: money or time.

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